Two weeks ago, we were lucky to get on board for our first cruise ship ever. Thanks to Dream Cruise Line and their Explorer Dream ship, we set to sail around the East Coast of Australia. 

We started our journey in Sydney, then we sailed to Newcastle and visited beautiful Hunter Valley with some nice local winetasting, then Gladstone, where we visited Great Barrier Reef and then Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. 

This 7-night cruise gave us many great memories, adventures and just a great experience. 

We stayed in a lovely stateroom with a balcony. It was nice and cute and we loved the views. Every time we looked out we were hoping to see some whales, but this time with no luck. But one morning, when we were leaving the port of Newcastle Peter saw dolphins! 

As it was our first time on the cruise ship, we didn’t know what to expect. But the overall experience was great, which gives you another way to travel the world. Basically, every day you wake up in a different place (like a mini teleport), if you want to go offshore for trips, you can go. We went to see Great Barrier Reef from Gladstone and Brisbane. 

If you want to just relax, you can stay by the pool, go for a massage and feast basically all the time (this can be really dangerous – you would end up just eating nonstop). The Explorer Dream has also a water slide, which is so much fun (not for kids only)… 😉

Dream Cruise line took care of us and we are glad that we got this chance to cruise with them.

Stunning views of Sydney CBD
Looking for whales
Heliport on the cruise
Great Barrier Reef

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