Bali has been kind to us. Since we came here, the weather is good, people are super nice and we have got the chance to explore more. Our base camp is in Canggu, a little surfers village, now getting more popular for many people for located close to the beaches and great waves for surfing.

Thanks to this trend and new people coming in, there is plenty of nice cafes around, especially in the Aussie style.
One of those cafes is definitely Shady Shack, which combines Westerns style with the real Balinese environment. Located around little rice paddies, not far from Echo beach or Dojo coworking space. In this cutie, you can sit in all day long and taste all the yummy food & beverages. One of or fav is definitely brekky menu – the Chia Pod that is worth to try it.

While we travel and change the places all the time, we love to have one-two cafes in each place, where you can crush, work, read or just be.

Zuzu wearing a vintage jumpsuit.