On our way to Sydney, we had stopped over for 4 days in Shanghai. It’s been our first time in China and we must admit that it was very interesting experience. Different culture, different city, but overall it was worth to travel there. Unfortunately, at the time, we went to Shanghai, China overall was hit by a strong pollution (from the news we found out that it was for the first time released red alert for the bad condition of the air quality) and we could barely see the sun even over the midday.

Wandering the local streets and markets, negotiating the price with local people, that’s the way we love to travel. Eating little bit wisely, no strangely looking things (sorry, but no). It was useful to have a Chinese translation of the sentence “I’m vegetarian” ( the majority of people don’t speak English) as that was the safest way to eat something without being really surprised or worried what you are eating.

Regards to this challenge, we found Triposo app quite useful. For each country you visit, they have a specific app with offline maps and some basic phrases in that particular language. Can be really helpful in the situation that you can barely explain yourself with your hands or words.

PS. When traveling to China, is really useful to download an App for connecting to IPs from different countries. In China, they have banned all the networks like Facebook, Google, Instagram… as they use their own networks and when you connect to Wi’Fi it’s pretty useless when you don’t have the IP changer. Once you set up the location of your IP for some other country (Australia worked for us) then you can easily access all the networks you’re used to.

Except experiencing really bad air quality, we had a really great visit. Shanghai is the city where history meets modern architecture (second tallest building speaks for itself) with very raw culture.