The hard work always pays off! The years of consistent work, traveling and capturing the moments with
Lens Between Us,  we were invited by Hong Kong Tourist Board to spend some time in HK and provide
them with the photos and experience on our own.

We met for the lunch with sweet girls from HK Tourist board and got to try some traditional Chinese cuisine and share-food experience known in China as Dim Sum at the local restaurant Yum Cha.

The restaurant YUM CHA offers contemporary Chinese cuisine in a vibrant East-meets-West atmosphere.
The term yum cha, literally means “drink tea” in Cantonese, is a common choice for families or friends to get together to savour Dim Sum and other delights. The restaurant adopts a playful twist on Chinese cuisine,
while maintaining traditional Chinese flavor.

Dining at YUM CHA will definitely arouse both your visual interest and appetite. You can have a look as we feel that photos of the dishes that we’ve had as they will say more than a thousand words.



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