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We're full service advertising agency, passionate about visual communication and design. We are committed to maintaining consistently high service levels throughout our work.


The overall image of your company as perceived by clients, competitors, the industry and the general public is crucial in building your brand and should be professional and polished.

Web Design

Translate your ideas to screen with beautiful, innovative and functional websites with attention to their type of company,style, audience, timeframe and budget.


We do hand made, digital illustration, and collage. For editorial, web, advertising and commissioned art projects. Currently updating
illustration content.

Social media

Social media

We provide services for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We produce visual content, creative strategies, activation campaigns and maintenance.

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We Create Unique & Gorgeous Things

Creative Creatures

We love to work closely and understand your business as well as you. Partnerships forged over time deliver exceptional outcomes.
If we do say so ourselves, we are very easy to work with. You tell us what you want, we ask some questions and we deliver.

We strongly believe that only high levels of communication, a healthy exchange of information and team collaboration achieve exceptional outcomes.
Combined with our constant desire to improve, endless ideas, our ‘nothing is impossible’ mantra, and our light hearted approach to life.

Our philosophy is uncomplicated and effective. The outcome is inspiring solutions that exceed expectations.
We feel that simplicity is key, and less is more. No design for designs sake.

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Zuzu Galova

Idea Maker and Illustrator

Zuzu is a young artist and illustrator with experiences in advertising and marketing.

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Peter Sedlacik

Designer and Photographer

Peter is creative director, designer and photographer in one.


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